1. Enrolment: If formal prerequisites for study are met, the SRH Fernhochschule promptly examines submitted documents and starts enrolment procedures.
2. Minimum number of participants: In the event of an insufficient number of participants, the SHR Mobile University reserves the right to cancel the start of a study programme or to postpone it. In that case, you will receive instant notification.


1. Degree: The student completes his or her study programme with a standard course duration of 2 or 4 semesters earning the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.). All exams are conducted by the SRH Fernhochschule.
2. Study fees: The SRH Fernhochschule charges study fees for its services. More information on study fees can be found in the according study programme descriptions. If a third party pays the fees, the parties are jointly and severally liable for the total costs.
3. Additional Services: Enrolees can sign up for additional subjects, modules and seminars as well as take related exams. These additional bookings are fee-based services, which must be coordinated with the study managers. As another optional service, paper versions of study materials can be obtained for 15,- € per study letter.
4. Acknowledgement and full recognition of examinations: Equivalent examination performances that were rendered at another study institution can be acknowledged or fully recognized (including the grade). Additional details can be found in the study programme’s current study and examination regulations. At the end of the study programme, study fees will be reduced by 40,- € per acknowledged credit point, accordingly.
5. Part-time: Starting with the second month of studying, students can change the form of the study programme and enter part-time studies. Monthly student fees are reduced accordingly. The total amount of study fees stays the same.
6. Vacation semester: In cases of sickness or other personal hindrances, students can apply for a vacation semester (which lasts 6 months). Up to 2 vacation semesters are possible within a study programme. Any rights and obligations arising from this contract are suspended during a vacation semester for both the student and the SRH Fernhochschule. There are no study fees during a vacation semester. The contract cannot be cancelled during this time. However, students can take permissible repeat exams durch a vacation semester.
7. Extension/reduction of study duration: If the study objective of programmes with a standard period of 2 semesters is not reached within 24 months (which equates to 4 semesters) or, respectively, if the study objective of programmes with a standard period of 4 semesters is not reached within 48 months (which equates to 8 semesters), any further semester entailadministrative fees of 90,- € per month. If a study programme is concluded before the end of the regular duration of the study programme, the total study fees are not affected by this.
8. Exams/Thesis: There are several examinations during the course of study. They require the student’s personal presence during attendance seminars or at one of the examination centres of the SRH Fernhochschule. The study programme concludes with a final thesis (Master- Thesis) and a colloquium.
9. Composition of participants for supporting events: The study modules feature accompanying supporting events (e.g. lectures). Both certificate course participants and students can take part in these events.
10. House rules: Students are obligated to follow the house rules of involved training institutions.
11. Change of facilities: The SRH Fernhochschule is entitled to change local facilities for supporting events, as long as there is an appropriate pre-notice as well as the new location is in spatial proximity. Attendance lectures with a low number of participants for a location or elective module can be changed into an online lecture. If there are less than 3 applicants for a supporting event 14 days before it is to take place, the SRH Fernhochschule reserves the right to cancel an attendance lecture.
12. Course of study: The course of study follows the programme’s effective study and examination regulations as well as the current implementing regulations.


1. Internet access: A free and unimpeded access to a PC with internet access (DSL is recommended) is a necessary condition in order to make use of the university’s intranet and its e-learning modules as well as to receive any study materials from the university’s download portal. A current operating system is also required. To ensure an efficient participation in attendance lectures for study modules concerning statistics (provided that they are part of the study programme), bringing a personal laptop is recommended.
2. SRH Fernhochschule E-Campus: The SRH Fernhochschule provides an internet-based communication and learning platform. The E-Campus is an integral
part of the university’s study concept and includes the university’s legally binding information. An active participation within the E-Campus network is a necessity for studying at the SRH Fernhochschule. If additional software is necessary to use or access the university’s services, they will be provided as downloads. An internet access with a sufficient bandwidth (at least DSL) is to be provided by the student.
Terms of use
The student acknowledges that the E-Campus is provided only for studying and teaching purposes. A transfer of user rights , of any E-Campus contents as well as its connected subsystems (online libraries etc.) to third parties is not allowed. The student must not break any German laws or violate prohibitions, the morals and rights of third parties (e.g. copyright, data security etc.) while using the E-Campus.
Data protection notice
The processing of personal data is necessary to run the E-Campus system. Any data will only be stored for the purpose of study and training programmes. They are not shared with third parties. Students are hereby informed that the access to any data within the system as well as an individual user’s access to the system itself are recorded automatically and are available to the university staff to be processed further for the university’s purposes.
Declaration of consent
By signing the contract, the student confirms to have read and understood the terms of use. With the signature, he or she grants his or her approval to the terms of use as well as to the storage and use of personal data as described above. The student is granted the right to withdraw the consent, which is issued by signing this contract, by giving notice in written form or by e-mail at any time. A withdrawal results in the immediate and irretrievable deletion of any personal data and entails an automatic termination of the study contract within the contractual deadlines.
3. Study materials: The student receives study materials (either as study letters, books, guiding texts or downloadable files) after he or she books a new study module. Students are free to manage their own time when making use of the materials. The university retains title of ownership to the delivered study materials until the according semester fees have been paid in full. The student is obligated to comply with the copyrights related to the materials, contents and media – in its digital forms as well – and to neither copy teaching materials nor hand over or sell them to third parties.


1. Right of withdrawal: Students have a legal right of withdrawal within 14 days. In addition, the SRH Fernhochschule voluntarily grants further 14 days to make sure that its services and the learning materials can be reviewed. During this trial period (28 days), which starts with the beginning of the study programme, students can make use of any services the university provides and revoke their participation in the study programme, if it does not suit them. There are no study fees during the four-week trial period. Any materials sent to the students must be sent back at the latest after 14 days after the withdrawal. If the students continue the study programme after the four-week trial period, this period will be counted as part of the regular study duration and calculated as such.
2. Contract period /notice period: The minimum contract period is 6 months. The first-time possibility to terminate this contract is after the end of the first six months following the conclusion of contract, subject to a term of 6 weeks and, after that, at any time with 3 months‘ notice to be issued in written form (recommendation: by registered letter) to the end of the month.
3. Social guarantee SRH Fernhochschule: In case of unforeseeable, important reasons (e.g. long-term illness, unemployment), students can apply for a temporary
deferral of the next due study fees for 6 months with the SRH Fernhochschule. The referral application must be filed before the corresponding due date. If payments were properly made up to that point, the application is granted and students can continue with their studies without interruption.
4. Damage liability: Any liabilities of the SRH Fernhochschule, irrespective of their legal grounds, which are associated with the use of equipment or premises and travel to or departures from the premises of training centres are limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply to personal damages. The above specified liability provisions apply to employees and any other assistants as well.
5. Included in the study fees are:

  • any study materials which are intended for the study programme
  • any exams (suitability tests, written exams,
  • send-in exercises, student papers, case studies, oral exams, presentations, master thesis etc.)
  • professional and educational support by our lecturers and professors
  • support from a personal mentor from the body of
  • professors in our mentor program
  • personal study guidance access and usage of the E-Campus including established
  • online libraries (further expenses for students are limited to telecommunication tariffs)
  • issuing of performance attestations, certificates etc.

6. Not included in the study fees are:

  • additional working equipment costs
  • telephone, internet, postage and data transmission costs
  • travel, room and board costs during attendance lecture participations
  • replacement of learning materials which already are or were in the possession of the student (see part B. COURSE OF THE STUDY Nr. 4)

7. Changes to personal data: Changes in address, name and account details must be communicated in writing to the SRH Fernhochschule without delay.
8. Contractual changes: Changes and additions to this contract require text form and the consent of both parties; unilateral changes in the contract are not permitted. Contract modifications after its termination are not possible. There are no further collateral agreements.
9. Place of jurisdiction: The court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the study contract is the court which is competent for the residence of the student.
10. Validity: This offer is valid until 30.11.2018.