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SRH Mobile University
SRH Mobile University

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The officially recognized SRH Mobile University specializes in part-time distance learning. As quality leader in distance learning, we have developed a unique study programme, which guarantees the highest flexibility, as well as excellent service. The centerpiece of our programme is our innovative online campus, which enables students to successfully complete their studies alongside their career, family responsibilities or competitive sports – regardless of time and place.

We offer 41 Bachelor and Master degrees and more than 60 university certified courses. Our students can participate in voluntary live sessions and exams at 22 locations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. There are currently more than 7,400 students enrolled at the SRH Mobile University, which was voted Germany’s Most Popular Distance Learning University for the third consecutive year in 2021.

Our university of applied sciences has an unlimited official recognition by the Federal State Baden-Wuerttemberg and is, as a system-accredited university, allowed to bear the seal of the German Accreditation Council. All study and certificate programs are officially recognized by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU).

Master of Business Administration

The Mobile University is synonymous with the mobile learning approach, allowing you to integrate our distance learning MBA smoothly into your personal and professional life. Self-study allows you to remain fully independent – you can study for the English-language online MBA whenever you wish. Credits from other courses and countries may be transferrable to the English MBA.


  • Degree: Master of Business Adminstration
  • Study Term: 4 terms
  • Start of Studies: any time from the beginning of a month
  • Tution fees: EUR 539 per month (total cost: EUR 12,936)
  • Accreditation: system accredited
  • Certification: state approval by the ZFU (national central office for distance learning), No. 133005

Your application

Get started with a distance learning MBA – the wide range of knowledge will help you in your professional life.

The fastest way to apply for the distance learning MBA at our Mobile University is via our online application portal. If you do not wish to use our online application portal, you can download the application form for enrolment at any time.

Your study content

Over four semesters, the part-time English-medium MBA course at our Mobile University will prepare you for a range of managerial business roles. Graduating as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) will set you up in the best possible way for taking the next big step up the international career ladder.

From analysis to management accounting, we will provide you with all of the managerial skills required in practice. This means that you will acquire both the expert knowledge expected from an MBA as well as the necessary practical skills for successfully assuming managerial responsibility.

International nature of part-time mobile MBA: you will deal with intercultural management (culture and ethics), international law and current developments in international trade. We also offer you the opportunity to take part in an exchange with our partner university; in addition, and subject to certain conditions, you can participate in the EU-supported ERASMUS+ programme. If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact your course coordinators for the Master of Business Administration.

You can adapt the four-semester distance learning MBAE to suit your own requirements. At the beginning of each semester you can decide whether you wish to complete the semester in six months or twelve. The advantage of the Fernhochschule Mobile University: you do not incur any additional costs from changes to your semester length since the standard study period can be extended according to your learning speed.

On completion of the MBA, the Fernhochschule – The Mobile University will award the internationally recognised academic title Master of Business Administration (MBA). The Mobile University was the first private distance learning university to be awarded government recognition by the German Council of Science and the Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) for the maximum period of ten years.

Curriculum Distance Learning MBA (English)

4 Semester 120 ECTS
1. Semester
  • Empirical Research (Engl.) 6
  • General Business Administration (Engl.) 6
  • Human Capital Management (Engl.) 6
  • Marketing (Engl.) 6
  • Change Management (Engl.) 6
2. Semester
  • Data Analysis (Engl.) (Options: Qualitative or Quantitative Alignment) 6
  • Accounting (Engl.) 6
  • Financial Management and Corporate Decisions (Engl.) 6
  • International Business Law (Engl.) 6
  • Leadership (Engl.) 6
3. Semester
  • Economics (Engl.) 6
  • Strategic Management (Engl.) 6
  • Culture & Ethics (Engl.) 6
  • International Marketing (Engl.) 6
  • Risk Management (Engl.) 6
4. Semester
  • Master Thesis and Colloquium - MBAE 30
Curriculum Master of Business Administration PDF 167 KB

Studying with perspective

We are part of SRH, an education and health company which has been guiding people on their educational path for over 50 years. Each person learns differently. Our task is therefore to support each individual in the best possible way to create the conditions for a successful life.

Your career prospects

MBAE distance learning to boost your career

The distance learning MBAE at SRH Mobile University is aimed at anyone with a first university degree wishing to enhance their managerial expertise. The distance learning MBAE (Master of Business Administration) is systematically targeted towards providing the managerial skills required in business operations. The Masters course is focused on application and is highly relevant to real-life business practice, designed to communicate the specialist expertise, skills and attitudes necessary for successfully assuming managerial responsibility.

The objective of the four-semester MBA course is to provide new and innovative instruments for effective and efficient managerial decision-making. From analysis to management accounting, the course covers all of the practical subject areas required for extending general managerial expertise (in the sense of general management).

The advanced training course offered by SRH Fernhochschule – The Mobile University is aimed in particular at professionals who have completed a first degree and who wish to acquire these skills through distance learning, without giving up their current position (e.g. during a posting abroad).

MBA Video about the course


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Quality in distance learning

The Mobile University offers you an excellent and internationally recognized degree. Our university is officially recognized by the state of Baden-Württemberg for an unlimited period and, as a system-accredited university, is allowed to bear the seal of the Accreditation Council. All degree programs and certificate courses are state-approved by the Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU).